Eligibility and criteria


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Eligibility and criteria

All EU member states, Horizon 2020 or EUREKA member countries are eligible to take part in the programme.

Companies that apply for the programme will need to provide information on their activities, their past funding and investors, and state their commitment to take part in the programme, if selected. Also, there is an assessment process to help identify the investment readiness of applicants.

No, the programme does not distinguish what was the source of seed money. For instance, a croudfunding round of EUR 250K+ will make a company eligible. It is important to have a member of the crowdfunding round or future investor who may be able to join the Trust Group.

The goal of the InvestHorizon is to help companies get Series A investment. If a company raises funding with other sources during InvestHorizon application, it can choose to drop out of the programme and make possible for other companies to join.

That would be ideal, though we can not oblige the investor. The best scenario for you is to have your seed investor supporting you all the way through in the process of fundraising and growing a company. 

There is no requirement for revenue. However, the online assessment form requires some information on the financial performance of the company.

The Self-Assessment Form consists of six sections with five questions in each: Management, Product, Business, Competition, Investment and Communication. The form is then validated and scored by a seed investor and a coach to form the Investment Readiness Level.

Most certainly, provided it meets the criteria of at least EUR 250K in the past three years.


Participants in the programme will be informed in advance about the format of each event. There will be events such as the Trust Groups thaht will be strictly online. Other meet-ups with investors and corporate partners will take place both online and in person. The organizers will make sure that companies are informed about all aspects of the events. InvestHorizon will facilitate the interaction between companies and investors or corporate partners.

Yes, the second call for applications will open in July.