What is needed to get to a Series A funding?

28 Jan 2021, 10:00

This InvestHorizon webinar took place on Jan, 27 at 4 pm CET.

An insightful and interactive discussion with Mikko Suonenlahti. 

He will give clear tips on what to do and don’t do during the fundraising process of series A.

About the speaker:

Mikko Suonenlahti is Board member of 10 VC backed tech businesses in Amsterdam, Helsinki and London. Chairperson or Non Executive Director and board member of two FSA regulated VC funds: Icebreaker in Finland and SmartCap in Estonia.

  • Almost 40 years of start-up experience: 25 as a VC (US, Europe) and 10 in operations (CEO, sales, R & D)
  • Led financing rounds for VC funds in 14 start-ups in the US and Europe, which raised a total of $ 300 M, now realised at > $ 2 Billion - 2 filed for a Nasdaq US IPO (both initially pre-revenue) and were then acquired for $ 1.4 Billion and € 200 M+, while 2 in Finland returned 20x (both initially pre-revenue)
  • Served on the boards of ca. 100 start-ups in the US and in Europe
  • Reviewed over 5,000 investor presentations during 30 years and developed a 10 point investor presentation framework
  • Since 2018 as an independent director / cob of VC backed companies, have completed 20+ financing rounds for € 100 M+ and three exits