How To Survive Your Startup Due Diligence

18 Jun 2021, 11:00

This webinar was held on June 17th, 2021 at 4PM CET

What will be covered

When entrepreneurs are raising capital for their startups/scale-ups, potential investors will conduct an assessment of their companies' strengths and weaknesses, known as due diligence. For both the business owners and investors, due diligence is an important part of the investment process: the former demonstrate their business’s potential value, and latter analyze the risk of their investment. It can be overwhelming for an entrepreneur to keep the business running smoothly while also satisfying the seemingly endless requests that an investor makes during the due diligence phase. Too often, the time a CEO spends on due diligence is distracting, leading to missed revenue goals or product development deadlines, which then may cause lower valuations or unfavorable terms, or even kills the deal entirely. To make sure a startup entrepreneur is ready and the investment process will not derail business activities, he/she needs to be aware of how due diligence works. Find out which are the due diligence steps to be faced, how to be prepared along the process and how meet the expectations of the investors. We aim to answer all of your queries through this interactive event.

About the speaker

With more than twenty-five years’ worth of expertise in research, innovation and venture capital, Luigi Amati has a unique perspective on the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem. Luigi’s diverse experience as a researcher, an entrepreneur, an ecosystem-builder and finally an angel investor means that he has a thorough understanding of all stages of the “knowledge to market” journey and entrepreneurial life-cycle. In his capacity as an angel investor, in 2007 Luigi was a founding member of “Italian Angels for Growth”, the largest angel group in Italy, and he is now the President of Business Angels Europe (BAE).

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