Financial Storytelling - A Practical Approach To Financial Modeling for Startup and Scaleup Enterprises

28 May 2020, 09:30

This InvestHorizon webinar took place on May 28 at 4 pm CET.

The majority of founders in the startup ecosystem come from a technical background, however, a significant part of the business development process revolves around finance, whether it be raising the first round of investment funding or understanding how the business model works and the resources required to build the business. Most importantly, founders need to understand how to scale the business and add value to their business over time. To do all of the above, startups need a robust financial model, which they understand, can iterate again and again and which allows them to plan with confidence and ultimately tell the story of their business to investors and other stakeholders.

Learn in this webinar:

  • Key components of an investor ready financial model
  • Understand the business model from a financial perspective
  • How the financial model can be used to communicate the "business story" and attract investor interest

About the speaker:

John Brennan, CEO WestBIC, the Business & Innovation Centre for the West/North West Region of Ireland, is a graduate of the Marketing Institute of Ireland and holds an ACCA Certified Diploma in Finance. John has accumulated over 20 years experience working with high-growth startups and specialises in the provision of financial modelling support to startups and scaleups seeking investment funding to grow their business.

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