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Redrose Developments works with seaweed, offering innovative methods for processing and cultivating sustainable, scalable seaweed in accessible forms to meet growing demands.
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Redrose works with heritage licence holding harvesters, whilst holding two aquaculture licences.  We have designed a processing system that will capture many micro nutrients and moisture that is currently being lost due to the traditional drying methods for stabilisation.  Therefore we generate more than 70% of salable commodities. Bringing the processing to the seaweed, not the seaweed to the processing.  

Using low capex, modulated systems separating the liquid from the solid within macroalgae.  We will create an infrastructure of processors addressing the processing bottleneck.  By homogenising, quality validating and directly supplying to a range of sectors we create scale without compromising the wild stock biomass, as each unit only processes daily volumes that are fully replenishable from the ocean. 

Feeding into this infrastructure we process wild and cultivated stock, from floating seaweed farms, also modulated and leased to fishermen. The structures tow the seeded frames into the open ocean, avoiding the crowded marine space and soaking the nutrients in open waters, which stimulates biodiversity.  This creates alternative revenue streams for fishermen, creating ocean farmers and not hunter gatherers.  Using designated sites supported by Big Data analysis, we would alert fishermen to collect the towable systems to match with local processing units to increase the value of the biomass. 

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Founder/CEO name: Ann Ruddy (LinkedIn)

Founded: 2019
Location: Belmullet, Ireland
Sector: Cleаntech; Macro algae; Aquaculture - Processing raw material
Total amount raised (mln EUR): 0.5
Employees range: 2-10

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