New Born Solutions

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Newborn Solutions develops first-in-class medical devices to enable a new, quicker, easier and more cost-efficient standard for non-invasive detection and monitoring of infant meningitis and other infections in serous body fluids
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like peritonitis, uveitis or septic arthritis, a market valued at $30B, to make accurate and faster diagnosis, improve patient care and healthcare sustainability.

Our business model is based on sales of products, disposables and data-based functionalities for the different applications in our scope via global commercialization companies, R&D contracts and IP sublicensing.

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Founder/CEO name: Javier Jiménez (LinkedIn)

Founded: 2015
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Sector: Health - Medtech, Health data analytics platforms, Ultrasound technology, Coupling materials
Total amount raised (mln EUR): 2.50
Employees range: 2-10

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