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GEOLITH offers breakthrough technologies for the clean production of lithium from brines. GEOLITH motivation is : MAKING LITHIUM SUSTAINABLE.
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We offer a Direct Lithium Extraction Process (DLE), it is a technology enabler allowing lithium extraction from any kind of liquid source. We have tested and validated performance on real brines from salars, geothermal and oil & gas brines with a capture efficiency of up to more than 95%, including at very concentrations (tested from 25 to 500 mg of lithium/L. i.e., covering most of the cases).

We have container-built pilot plant capable of operating at geothermal conditions (up to 80°C and 40 bars), it is currently operating in Alsace on geothermal brines from the Rhine Graben area and planned to move to the UK in June for a one-month test period. Another pilot plant is in preparation for the benefit of CELIMIN in Chile.

The process has multiple benefits, an in particular minimal environmental impact, with zero waste, low energy and chemical consumption.

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Founder/CEO name: Jean-Philippe Gibaud (LinkedIn)

Founded: 2016
Location: Orsay, France
Sector: Chemistry and materials; Cleantechnology, environment;
Total amount raised (mln EUR):
Public funding 2M€ , equity 1.75M€
Employees range: 2-10

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