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Bloom is a Swiss chemical company aiming at making biomass a true alternative to petroleum. The novel technology enables integral valorization of plants by efficient separation & upgrading of abundant biomass components (cellulose, hemicellulose & lignin)
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The “Bloom lignin” can, for the first time, be selectively converted to single aromatic molecules for the fragrance industry or phenol replacement in materials or fuels. Hemicellulosic-derived functionalized sugars can be used as speciality chemicals or bio-plastic synthesis. Finally, pure cellulose pulp is distributed for textile and materials applications. The team is currently validating each of these markets through pilot projects and scaling-up the technology with engineering partners.

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Founders/CEO name: Remy Buser (LinkedIn), Florent Héroguel (LinkedIn)

Founded: 2018
Location: Fribourg, Switzerland
Sector: Clean technologies, Energy - Chemistry and materials;
Total amount raised (mln EUR): 3.9
Employees range: 2-10

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