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RTsafe has introduced Individualized Care to Radiation Oncology. It designs and manufactures the first FDA-cleared, patient-specific, anatomically-exact models of human head and brain tissue.
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These are offered to Radiotherapy clinics for simulating radiation therapy for each patient ahead of actual treatment in a totally risk-free environment, thus maximizing cancer patient safety and treatment effectiveness.

This solution is also sold to RT equipment manufacturers for machine-testing purposes. The company already generates revenues and has signed a commercial agreement with a leading radiation therapy company, Elekta A.B. As a winner of an R&D 100 Award, RTsafe’s PseudoPatient® has been recognized as one of the 100 most significant high-tech products worldwide for 2019.

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Founders/CEO name: vangelos Pappas (LinkedIn), Thomas Maris (LinkedIn), Nikos Stergiopoulos (LinkedIn)

Founded: 2014
Location: Athens, Greece
Sector: Health, Biotechnology - Deep tech
Total amount raised (mln EUR): 3.2
Employees range: 11-50

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