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PromoMii's revolutionary video content creation platform, NOVA A.I., gives creatives more time to produce high quality videos by enabling them to significantly speed up the process of finding relevant scenes in their footage and discover the hidden gems.
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Its micro-detail search functions allows users to find anything from faces to emotions, places, actions, objects and words - even the small ones they may have missed. Instead of spending hours searching for specific scenes, NOVA A.I. can find them in seconds.

Want to find all scenes with Brad Pitt smiling next to a car? Or every moustache across hundreds of videos for a Movember themed video? Simply type "Brad Pitt, Smiling, Car" or "Moustache" and every single moment across your entire archive 
featuring these labels is found in seconds. It is also possible to automatically add subtitles. 

NOVA A.I is easy to use, cost-efficient and can reduce scene-search time by up to 70% - giving teams more time to create the content needed to drive audience engagement.
The platform is used by several global media houses including Disney, NENT, VRT and more.

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Founder/CEO name: Michael Moss (LinkedIn)

Founded: 2016
Location: London, United Kingdom
Sector: Media - Creative activities, entertainment, 
digital, software
Total amount raised (mln EUR): 1.15
Employees range: 11-50

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