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AllRead MLT is a company that develops a Computer Vision software, based on deep learning and neural networks, to detect and digitize text, codes and symbols in supply chains.
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The technology is the result of five years of research at the Catalan Computer Vision Center (CVC). This scientific innovation has been registered, and the technology has been fully transferred to AllRead MLT. AllRead, which was formed through the Venture Builder program ""The Collider"" (Mobile World Capital Barcelona - MWC), has in its team of founders three world-class computer vision engineers (PhD), inventors of technology of “Information Spotting”, and two entrepreneurs and managers with experience in the development and management of business units and operations. In addition, AllRead MLT is supported by the CVC, the MWC and the GoHub, strategical partners of the startup.

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Founder/CEO name: Miguel Silva-Constenla (LinkedIn)

Founded:  2019
Location:   Barcelona, Spain
Sector: transportation - computer vision; deep tech; AI, machine learning;
Total amount raised (mln EUR): 0.80
Employees range: 11-50

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