WestBIC – Providing High-Quality Investor Support and Assistance to High-Growth Start-ups and Scale-ups

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WestBIC is an incubator that provides tailored, high-level support to entrepreneurs with the aim of assisting them to convert innovative ideas into commercial reality and to become investor-ready.

In the meantime, the Incubator supports the entrepreneurs to start and scale up their enterprises. The journey includes both guiding the start-ups and the concept through the stages of:

  • market and technical validation
  • gaining international market traction
  • building out their team
  • and ultimately working their proposal up to secure investment

Benefits for WestBIC’s Customers

The most significant value-offer WestBIC provides to the start-up community and the ecosystem as a whole is our one-to-one, tailored support and guidance,” says John Brennan, CEO of WestBIC.

The incubator simplifies the investor readiness process and assists start-ups in navigating their way through the funding maze. In addition, WestBIC helps start-ups in areas such as commercial validation and financial modelling, so they can secure the vital seed capital necessary to develop and grow their business.

Personal Leadership

WestBIC’s values and my personal values are always focused on the clients – our start-up companies,” shares John Brennan.

The team aims to work closely with the companies to make – what is often – a difficult journey as easy as possible.

We meet many inspiring, innovative entrepreneurs with great business ideas, and it’s a real pleasure to see those companies grow from the concept stage to become established as innovative leaders in their sectors, servicing a range of customers across many international markets.”

Biggest Achievements

The impact of WestBICs work is evidenced in the growth in the number of innovative start-ups securing seed capital in our region, the West/North West region of Ireland.

Working in a spirit of partnership with key players and stakeholders across the region, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the numbers of start-ups being commercialised annually over the last 5-6 years and have supported the commercialisation of over 50 high-growth start-ups in that time,” says Mr. Brennan.

In particular, Tech and MedTech companies have grown at an accelerated pace, securing seed capital through Ireland’s HBAN angel network, public sector funding from Enterprise Ireland, and via international venture capital companies.

Another proof of the incubator’s impact on the region is job creation and the overall development of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

Connection with InvestHorizon

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of the InvestHorizon companies and I can say, with first-hand experience, that the programme has attracted some highly innovative start-ups with great business ideas from across the EU,” shares John Brennan.

What he likes about the programme is the supportive environment it creates for start-ups.  The mentoring feedback is honest but supportive, and the companies have the opportunity to get feedback and contacts from other like-minded start-ups, as well as from programme mentors and investors. 

“The model works really well in an online format, and I think it makes a significant contribution to the start-up ecosystem in the EU,” concludes Mr. Brennan.