Speedinvest – The Go-To Strategic Partner for Europe’s Most Passionate Founders and Innovative Technology Start-ups

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Rick Hao

Speedinvest is a VC fund with over €450 million to invest in pre-seed, seed, and early-stage start-ups across Europe.

However, the Fund refuses to be another investor that sends money to early-stage companies and shows up just to provide “advice”. Speedinvest’s mission is to empower the beneficiaries throughout their journeys with actionable, aligned, and game-changing support.

Investment Sectors

The Speedinvest Deep Tech investment team funds and supports deep tech start-ups, ranging from enterprise AI software to the most advanced Quantum technologies. Deep tech innovations generate enormous economic value, but their ultimate impact extends far beyond the financial realm to everyday life.

Example of a Beneficiary

Most deep tech companies strive to have an impact on a wide variety of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. One such example is Speedinvest’s portfolio company PoroTech, a spin-out from Cambridge University, which developed a new type of material that can save 10% of energy consumption produced by the LED industry.

Personal Background

I am from a very technical, non-traditional VC background. I studied Computer Science and AI at the University of Edinburgh and completed my MBA at Imperial College London. I strongly believe deep tech is no longer the primary purview of the scientific community,” shares Rick Hao, Deep Tech Investor at Speedinvest.

Many trends have brought us to a point of major change in how deep tech research is pursued and how new technologies are brought to market. Some suggest that we are at the beginning of a new cycle that could carry R&D for the next two to three generations, or that we may be shifting from the end of the deployment cycle to the beginning of a new installation phase.

Biggest Achievements

Over the past 10 months, we have invested in 10 early-stage, deep tech start-ups, such as PoroTech and KETS Quantum. Our investments cover a wide range of different sub-sectors in the deep tech ecosystem, from cutting-edge AI software to new types of materials.

Connection with InvestHorizon

We both focus on deep tech start-ups and many of our seed-stage investments would be good candidates for your accelerator programme,” concludes Rick Hao.