Mark Wilson – “I Work with People to Change Things”

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Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson loves challenging people positively and enjoys working to build new structures. He’s constantly looking for situations in which a technology can make an impact at scale – whether that’s improving a process, providing a better product, or radically affecting a healthcare issue.

Background, Experience, and Values

Mark has been working in the broad field of technology commercialisation for 20+ years. Before founding Strategic Biotechnology Consulting (STB), he was a Director in GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) Platform Technology and Science division, seconded on a long-term basis into SR One (GSK’s wholly-owned corporate venture capital group).

I was responsible for developing technology-based spin-outs and for out-licensing activity, which was challenging and rewarding work,” shares Dr Wilson.

Prior to that, he worked for GSK in various licensing and alliance management roles for over 15 years. During that time, he was involved in developing and negotiating many transactions and alliances, mainly for new technology development, and in leading the creation of a company-wide technology strategy.

Mark enjoys working as part of a team, creating the path forward, and helping to shape activities. “A couple of former colleagues have told me that I ‘work with people to change things’. I think that description captures something, and I enjoy the involvement and sense of common purpose,” he says.

Biggest Achievements

Dr Wilson has acted for a range of organisations in the biotech and ‘impact’ fields and led a variety of projects.

In recent years, he has been an adviser and interim business development director to European biotech firms, enjoying being able to help these firms to make critical connections, to access funding and to develop.

On the other end of the scale, he is leading a major UK Government ‘impact’ project – working with businesses to strengthen health systems in middle-income economies, in tandem with top-level consultancies, and helping to influence changes in regulatory systems in different countries.

He has also acted as an expert adviser to EU bodies. “I recently had the chance to prepare a report on corporate venturing practices for the IP Directorate of the European Commission. This was a very enjoyable project, and I have undertaken strategic reviews for different European bodies and major university technology transfer groups.”

One accomplishment Mark is very proud of is the development of a spin-out business from a Polish R & D group, during his time at GSK. He managed to establish the business and to create employment for the 22-person team in just 8 weeks, working against very tight timelines and many constraints.

Connection with InvestHorizon

Mark was an Expert Coach to companies taking part in the InvestHorizon programme. He enjoyed the mentoring role and comments that he always tried to frame any feedback or guidance positively.

 “The InvestHorizon programme is valuable in helping motivated teams, with excellent technologies, to develop in a realistic and clear-sighted fashion. The more mature companies are refining some very sophisticated approaches, while the earlier stage companies are seeking more strategic guidance, which is an interesting mix. It is clear that the programme cohorts will have a real impact and will create significant financial success over time,” he concludes.