Gabi SmartCare – An Innovative Tool That Helps Prevent Respiratory Troubles

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Jonathan Baut

Jonathan Baut experienced one of the worst nightmares of young fathers. His new-born daughter was hospitalised just 7 days after birth. The reason? She suffered from respiratory troubles.

I realised how difficult it was for a parent to provide the best care, especially when it comes to something as vital as breathing,” says Jonathan.

After working with many doctors and hospitals, he and his co-founder Edouard understood that the unmet needs around respiratory diseases were as important for the elderly population as they were for young children.

That’s how Gabi SmartCare was born.

What Problem Does Gabi SmartCare Solve and What Makes It So Unique?

Respiratory trouble is one of the main causes of hospitalisation and emergency room visits, and it is still one of the main causes of death worldwide. The World Health Organization considers it a priority because it is underdiagnosed, and it keeps increasing.

That’s mainly due to the fact that respiratory troubles are difficult to quickly and properly diagnose, especially in patient at risk such as young children and seniors. Without an early diagnosis, people get into complications, which lead to emergency room visits, hospitalisation, and sometimes… death, as highlighted throughout the Covid-19 episode.

For that reason, with the support of 50 doctors and 1,000 parents, Gabi SmartCare develops the ‘holter’ of respiratory,” explains Jonathan, who co-founded the company with Edouard, an engineer with a previous start-up experience.

Gabi SmartCare is a comfortable, non-invasive wearable tool that monitors the vital signs needed to assess the respiratory condition of a patient. The tool has a web interface dedicated to healthcare professionals. It helps them to get unique data enabling early diagnosis, treatment efficiency analyses, and to anticipate complications of respiratory diseases.


The uniqueness of the tool comes from its design and its proprietary algorithm, enabling it to fit any patient from premature babies to elderly people with the same medical accuracy,” proudly shares Mr Baut.

On the software side, the interface developed for Healthcare professionals includes proprietary detection algorithms, allowing them to analyse as quickly as possible any abnormal events detected during the assessment period.

Biggest Achievements of Gabi SmartCare

Besides the development of a medical grade, and fully functional software and hardware solution in 3 years, I would say that having the support of a pharmaceutical industry leader is certainly the biggest tangible achievement for us,” says Jonathan Baut.

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Connection with InvestHorizon

InvestHorizon enabled us to meet extraordinary start-up founders from the acceleration program with whom we shared experience and exchanged valuable tips and tricks.”

Thanks to InvestHorizon, Gabi SmartCare was able to take part in a series of virtual and physical events, allowing them to dramatically expand their network and meet many different stakeholders active in the healthcare sector (experts, investors, and industry leaders).