efino – Filling the Start-up Financing Gap

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Although entrepreneurial ecosystems have blossomed on a global scale, their development is hindered especially due to the difficulty for entrepreneurs to access needed financing for growth.

Mission and Impact of efino

efino’s mission is to help fill this start-up financing gap. It does so by accompanying, coaching, and enabling investors, entrepreneurs, and ecosystem players.

efino believes that enabling many types of start-up businesses and entrepreneurs to receive financing is key to building strong and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystems,” says Brigitte Baumann, Founder of efino.

In collaboration with key local partners and stakeholders, its team of experts is specialised in:

  • analysing early-stage financing ecosystems,
  • identifying where support is needed,
  • ensuring local players acquire the tools and knowledge to support and scale up the early-stage financing ecosystems, and
  • helping them acquire independence in the process.

As such, efino’s team’s expertise is also in training and coaching future business angels, deal leaders, group coaches, business angel network managers, and start-up board members.

How Does efino Help Its Beneficiaries?

efino helps its customers in three different ways:

  1. Business Angels learning by doing training program. This is an online course combined with live customised workshops and support on Due Diligence processes.
  2. Supporting the growth strategy of an angel network, including increasing the number of its members, their engagement, and the number of investments they make.
  3. Helping with webinars, resources centre, and personalised coaching for entrepreneurs seeking financing.


Personal Background, Values, and Culture

Personal Background

I am a serial intrapreneur/entrepreneur. I have been a Business Angel since 2003. In 2020, I was named one of the top 3 female European Business Angels, and in 2015, European Business Angel of the Year,” shares Brigitte Baumann.

These days, she focuses on efino.

In addition, Ms. Baumann chairs the YPO Deal Network, which combines 10,000+ CEOs worldwide. She is also a member of the WEF’s European digital leaders community and is President Emeritus of EBAN – European Business Angel Network trade association.

Values and Culture That Drive Her Leadership

People, Planet, Profit are three words I believe all businesses must embrace  to ensure future generations can have a sustainable world. That drives my investment strategy and everything I do,” says Brigitte Baumann.

In addition, she believes that in order to have strong entrepreneurial ecosystems, we need many individuals to be business angels. She is also passionate about having diversity and inclusiveness in teams.

Interesting Story That Impacted Her Vision

In my mid-40s, I left a very successful corporate career to explore my core values and see how I could live them more fully: ‘dare to be ME’. It took a few years, but I found my passion, a way to contribute to the world, AND a way to integrate my values in everything I do,” proudly shares Ms. Baumann.

Purpose Angel Investing – its democratisation and professionalisation are at the heart of this. It still gives her much joy and energy.

Biggest Achievement

Before founding efino, Brigitte Baumann founded GoBeyond Investing, a diverse pan-European community of active angel investors. After 10 years in operation, GoBeyond’s innovative approach proved that angel investing can:

  • be viewed as an asset class (liquidity and returns),
  • be accessible to many types of individuals, including women,
  • be executed cross-border with a cohesive approach.

Additionally, she proved that organisations like GoBeyond can scale. In 2020, Brigitte and her partners, Clara Alonso and Maria Carolina Romero  “spun out” GoBeyond’s training curriculum and created efino. At efino, they are helping early-stage investor communities and ecosystems to be built and to thrive around the world.

Connection with InvestHorizon

Being a coach with InvestHorizon is well-aligned with my values and passion. It enables me to share my experience with entrepreneurs, give them an investor perspective, and connect them with fellow investors I know,” concludes Brigitte Baumann.