Circular Business Academy – Helping to Redesign Companies’ Business Models and Co-Create a More Sustainable World

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Jurij Giacomelli

As a manager, a lecturer, a researcher, and a consultant, I cannot emphasise enough the value of creativity for innovation. But creativity in its essence starts with humanity,” says mag. Jurij Giacomelli, Founder of Giacomelli media and one of the Founders of the Circular Business Academy (CBA).

Mr. Giacomelli believes that if you want your team to be creative, you have to create a transparent, humane, and inspiring environment of belonging and sharing. It might sound trivial, but it’s far from it. When you take these three essential values, success is guaranteed.

What Problems Does CBA Solve

CBA is a dedicated knowledge platform that enables entrepreneurs, managers, experts, investors, and policy-makers to embrace circular business model innovation.

We help them create, exchange, and share specific competences for the economies to become more circular and thrive on the civilisational paradigm shift,” shares Jurij Giacomelli and adds, “We focus on the innovation aspects and are more inclined towards small and medium enterprises (SMEs).”

CBA’s team offers companies systematic support in the redesign of their business model. They work with their clients side by side in different formats, including seminars, workshops, courses, consultancy, and coaching.

The Academy helps firms to become bankable and investable, and aids them in finding financing for their projects. As a result, these companies turn not only into more competitive organisations. They also become more sustainable in both environmental and social way.

Client Success Stories

We have been working with plastics producers to both increase their engagement with lasting products and to be able to regenerate polymers and reuse them in their value chains,” Jurij Giacomelli proudly says.

This helps companies to tackle their product and client portfolio, intermediaries, technologies, and the firm’s own organisation… Which in turn helps to reconsider the roles of all actors along their industry value chain.

Biggest Achievements

Jurij Giacomelli is an entrepreneur leading his own company (Gm), which is helping lead other entrepreneurs into the role of an advisor, an investor, or a business partner.

In 2020, he also celebrated the take-off of CBA that is already expanding its customer base. The Academy is already well-embedded in the circular innovation horizon as an advisory and competence partner and has been implementing a strong agenda of courses and conferences. The team sees the CBA as a platform that can successfully accelerate circular businesses and provide for their investment readiness.

Connection with InvestHorizon

InvestHorizon is a reference partner that helps CBA on three levels:

  1. Seeking potential investment targets.
  2. Accelerating their existing and future investments.
  3. Sharing their competences in the field of circularity.