Carcharodon Capital – Providing (Pre-)Seed Financing to Consult-Tech

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Carcharodon Capital is a Stuttgart-based investment company. It offers (pre-)seed financing to start-up companies that is based in the DACH Region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and operates primarily in the fields of consult-tech.

Impact and Personal Background

Carcharodon Capital is disrupting the consulting industry. The company aims to substitute repetitive and/or manual tasks, mainly provided by junior consultants, with digitalisation and artificial intelligence.

The founder and managing partner, Ingo Weber, is a serial entrepreneur who has established three companies – a training company, a consulting company, and an outsourcing company. He prides himself on vast experience in developing the vision, mission, and strategies of companies, as well as setting up businesses as a general manager with a focus on sales, marketing, and human resources. Mr. Weber has an excellent network in corporate Germany and can support companies in acquiring customers.

For start-ups to enter the portfolio of Carcharodon Capital, the investment fund has - besides the team and business model of the start-up in general - a strong focus on the capabilities of the investment team to really add value by 1) the business model having a strong connection to the consulting industry (consult tech) and / or 2)  the target customers of the start-up are in the consulting or the finance industries to whom the investment team has strong relationships.

Values and Personal Leadership

Ingo Weber established a consulting company, grew it to 200 employees over the span of 20 years, and sold it to a competitor in 2017. Mr. Weber believes in being a leader rather than a manager. Some of his personal values include:

  1. The team counts.
  2. Think innovatively.
  3. Stop talking. Start doing.
  4. No BS approach.
  5. Think long-term.
  6. Love what you do.
  7. Treat everybody with respect, don’t be arrogant. Without your team, you’re nothing.

By gathering experience in a large multinational consulting firm, I learned how to value people,” says Mr. Weber. In addition, he didn’t pay extensive salaries to the highest people in the hierarchy, but rather let all of the team have a fair share.

Biggest Achievements

Mr. Weber’s biggest achievement to date is founding a consulting company, growing it to 200 employees, and thereby establishing a well-known competitor to the Big 4.

His biggest successful exit was selling his stake in CoMatch for 4x the return.

Connection with InvestHorizon

Our (pre-)Seed investment in start-ups is very relevant for a Series A. One very important aspect for us (besides traction) is how to approach potential Series A investors and close their financing,” shares Mr. Weber. “Therefore, promoting InvestHorizon with Carcharodon Capital’s portfolio companies would be very helpful for us.”

On the other hand, by having 25 years of experience in the consulting industry, Ingo Weber could support companies included in the InvestHorizon program in the field of consult-tech with:

  • Insights in the consulting industry, especially their specific needs.
  • Contacts to various potential customers in the consulting and finance industry.