Ancelia – The World’s First Operating System for Elderly Facilities

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Team Teiacare

After losing his grandfather due to serious complications in a nursing home, Guido Magrin spent several years working on solutions to improve the efficiency of nursing homes.

In January 2018, he co-founded TeiaCare. The company’s product – Ancelia – has the social mission “to bring back the person to the centre of assistance”.

Currently, the team behind TeiaCare is serving their first clients in Italy and Spain. Their aspiration is to become a market leader in the field of assistive tech solutions for nursing homes.

The Situation Before Ancelia

Nursing homes serve to help elderly people with their everyday needs. Nurses assist the elderly by helping them go to the toilet, repositioning them, changing their diapers, and checking their overall health.

Caregivers usually have a fixed workplan, which often leads to complications with the elderly. The difficulties range from getting bedridden through falling from the bed to abnormal nocturnal movements. All these complications can put the person’s life at serious risk.

What Is Ancelia and Whom Does It Help?

Ancelia is the world’s first operating system for elderly facilities. It leverages traditional optical sensors, empowered by artificial intelligence algorithms, to constantly monitor the room.

Because of the constant monitoring, there’s no need for invasive and time-wasting room checks. This provides extra privacy for the resident and allows nurses to optimise their time.

Thanks to AI algorithms and dedicated software, Ancelia is able to:

  1. Track residents’ repositioning to avoid bedsores and keep a history of the resident’s positions.
  2. Reduce the risk of resident falling from the bed by analysing his/her movements.
  3. Help nurses in their work to improve the quality of their time.

We have been able to reduce the stress of the nurses, as well as dramatically increase the safety and wellbeing of the residents,” says Guido Magrin, CEO & Co-Founder of TeiaCare.

Thanks to Ancelia, the team was able to understand the dynamics of certain accidents, benefitting the residents, their caregivers, as well as their families.


Biggest Achievements and Future Plans

So far, the company has raised €1.5M in funding, gathered a great team, and received many awards. However, their biggest success lies beyond all that.

Ancelia changes people’s lives, for the better. Residents, their families, as well as caregivers all live a less stressful and healthier life as a result of the digital assistant.

InvestHorizon has been instrumental in helping TeiaCare develop Ancelia. Guido Magrin and his team aspire to provide the necessary peace of mind regarding ageing safely and gracefully to as many people as possible on a global scale.