Agroecology Capital – Investing in Agriculture Technologies That Will Mitigate Climate Change

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Agroecology Capital leverages technology that help achieve food sufficiency as well as ecological, economic, and social sustainability.

Investment Sectors

Djalil Reghis, Co-Founder of Agroecology Capital, invests in transformational technologies for the agri-food industry (AgTech).

His main focus is on start-ups that show scientific breakthroughs to mitigate agriculture’s negative environmental impact while increasing yield and quality.

For him, AgTech fuels the creation of new markets and, in some instances, new or more efficient value chains.

Example of a Beneficiary

Djalil Reghis cites his investment in Nitricity as an illustration. Nitricity produces nitrogen fertilizer directly at the point of use.

Nitricity’s technology can produce cost-effective fertilizer for environmentally conscious farms and develop markets outside of the traditional supply-chain infrastructure.

Personal Background and Values

Djalil Reghis is a globally-minded leader who speaks three languages and has lived and worked on four continents. Engineer turned investor, he is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences.

His multi-faceted personal and professional experiences shaped his human-centred leadership style, which is reflected in his early-stage investment strategy.

Djalil Reghis does not only consider the traditional “Jockey-Horse" pair when evaluating an investment but the trio “Jockey-Horse-Trainer” as he believes investors should play a vital role in the value created by start-ups.

Impact and Biggest Achievements

Our investment thesis and principles have proven to be aligned with the very essence of the market. This has allowed us to have access to high-quality entrepreneurs who feel ‘understood’ when sharing their vision and mission,” says Djalil Reghis.

The combination of a deep understanding of market drivers and a genuine engagement with entrepreneurs allowed Djalil and his team to be a recognized player in the AgTech space.

Agroecology Capital is happy to share about another great portfolio company, AgroSustain. AgroSustain develops natural fungicides that protect 1,000+ crops from moulds. It is led by Olga Dubey, who stands out by her vision and dedication to impact agriculture positively.

Connection with InvestHorizon

InvestHorizon is a critical player in the innovation space. The team’s impact in supporting early-stage, deep-tech start-ups by connecting them to the broad investment and innovation ecosystem is extremely valuable. These resources set the start-ups in the right environment to boost their investment readiness and investor relations,” shares Djalil Reghis.

Invest Horizon is important to Mr. Reghis as he considers all the sessions valuable, learning experiences both from entrepreneurs and his peer Expert Coaches. Of course, the main objective is to add as much value as he can to the entrepreneurs via feedback, insights, and intros (even after the “live” sessions). Still, it’s an incredible opportunity to learn from brilliant founders and peer Expert Coaches.

The variety of topics covered enables me to constantly explore new areas and ideas to refine the investment strategy,” concludes his story Djalil Reghis.