Getting Investment Ready

24 Apr 2020, 18:00

This InvestHorizon webinar took place on April 23 at 11 a.m CET

The focus is on growth companies, which are constantly in need of capital for new investments. By distinguishing between different phases of investment, entrepreneurs can better identify when to consider which sources of capital. After all, different investments and measures are required at different phases of the business development in order to make businesses attractive for investments. This represents a major challenge for management, which must allocate its limited resources in terms of know-how owners, time and capital in such a way that the expectations of stakeholders are always met. In a dynamic environment, this is not always an easy task, which must be solved in a system-immanent field of tension along the entire value chain in order to meet the various expectations.

What will be covered?

  • Core elements of the growth strategy (focus on product and market strategy, optimization and scaling-up)
  • Measures to create added value along the value chain and increase market attractiveness (USP, IP, differentiation, focus on niches)
  • Realization of Technology and Marketing Excellence – actions to improve product and market fit
  • Establish flexible forms of organisation and ensure compliance with objectives - Introduction of planning, management and control systems in the course of operational and strategic control

Uwe Herrgott is an experienced Investment Consultant at EurA AG. He holds a master degree in Business Administration – Major New Businesses (M.Sc.) At EurA he is responsible for the development of sustainable business models, match-making deals between startups, investors and pilot customers. In addition he is responsible for the transaction and transformation management at the venture department at EurA. Prior to EurA, Uwe worked as a innovation scout and business development manager at Hörbinger Deutschland Holding GmbH. Since 2016 Uwe is also a lecturer for economics, finance & investment and marketing at the University of Aalen.