Imagine Sensing Buildings

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Imagine develops sensing solutions that deliver valuable data from large surface areas in buildings and infrastructure and can be manufactured at scale.
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Imagine Sensing Buildings  Oy is a Finnish company who develops large scale graphene sensors which can be used for monitoring the health of a building or infrastructure. Imagine’s graphene coating enables the entire surface to become a sensor detecting moisture ingress or structural stress in real time and alerting the building owner as necessary. Sensing layer can be implemented onto a hard or soft surface depending on the end user needs. Hardware is connected to the edge of the surface with cables enabling high scalability and low cost. Imagine is raising a Seed round currently and gearing up for commercializing its offering later 2021. Imagine has received a Seal of Excellence in the EU Horizon 2020 SME instrument funding program.

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Founder/CEO name: Jaakko Kaidesoja (LinkedIn)

Founded: 2021
Location: Salo, Finland
Sector: Digital; Sensors; 
Total amount raised (mln EUR): 0.50
Employees range: 1-10

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