Vivan Therapeutics

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Vivan Therapeutics is a London based biotechnology company offering cancer patients worldwide access to the most advanced personalised cancer therapeutics based on technology pioneered at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York.
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We identify personalised cancer treatments for patients based on their tumour genetics. For each patient, we build a genetically matched fruit fly model of the tumour, which is used for large-scale drug screening to find novel and effective drug combinations. This platform can treat even difficult cancers with combinations of approved drugs. Nearly all combinations incorporate non-cancer drugs, making them less toxic and more affordable. Using our proprietary screening data, we are building a powerful AI-driven digital health tool, which can predict effective treatment options rapidly. Our in vivo, high throughput drug screening platform is also used to power biopharma discovery and development.

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Founder/CEO name: Laura Towart (LinkedIn)

Founded: 2018
Location: London, United Kingdom
Sector: Biotechnology, HealthTech - personalized medicine;
Total amount raised (mln EUR): 3.60
Employees range: 2-10

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