Swiss Vault Systems

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Data is the new Gold! and Global data is growing exponentially (projected to reach 173 zettabytes by 2025) & is on track to consume 10% of the world’s energy production.
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The market for data storage technologies was Euro 131 Billion in 2018, and growing at 16% CAGR.  

Swiss Vault provides organizations with technology, that combines hardware and software solutions, for economical, resilient and environmentally sustainable data management. Swiss Vault's modular "Green Technology" solution enables 100 year data storage while reducing costs.

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Founder/CEO name: Bhupinder Bhullar (LinkedIn)

Founded: 2018
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Sector: Enterprise software - IT, internet, digital, software, green technology, innovation, data storage, data centers, big data, IoT

Total amount raised (mln EUR): 2.00
Employees range: 11-50

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