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KOMP-ACT’s aim is to drive the industrial machinery transition to fully electric components, thus reducing up to 50 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2040.
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The Swiss high-tech start-up produces highly efficient, lightweight and programmable electric motion technologies such as linear actuators, direct-drive grippers and electronics controllers. By integrating this cost-efficient and easy-to-implement patented electric solution in their machines, machinery suppliers in the industrial automation sector can increase their machine efficiency and productivity, while reducing their R&D efforts and operational costs. Thanks to its modular and compact design, this plug-and-play solution can fit any machine and meet the most challenging industrial conditions. As a result, KOMP-ACT's product range can be easily scaled up through a distribution network to reach machinery suppliers worldwide.

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Founder/CEO name: Salvatore De Benedictis (LinkedIn)

Founded: 2018
Location: Ecublens, Switzerland
Sector: Digital; Manufacturing; Semiconductors
Total amount raised (mln EUR): 2.00
Employees range: 2-10

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