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Sigune Suttner

Sigune Suttner, CEO of StraightWalk, wakes up every day with the ambitious goal to build a global and sustainable future for human bionic mobility. Her Munich-based Global Advisory and Investment firm provides strategic, financial, and commercial advice for Start-Ups and Corporates along the robotics value chain.

Target Companies and Markets

StraightWalk invests in global early stage companies that aspire to become market leaders in Human Robotics. The sister company StraightWalk Capital is establishing “The First Human Robotics and Bionics Fund”.

Our targets are start-ups from Asia, Europe, and the United States, seeking Seed and Series-A investments,” says Ms Suttner.

Portfolio companies include exoskeleton manufacturers for industrial, recreational, and healthcare applications, as well as robotic component manufacturers for sensors, smart actuators, and smart wearables.

Why Wearables?

Wearable Robots have a gigantic impact on people and markets by:

  • Creating more ergonomic workplaces in industrial sectors;
  • Decreasing sickness rates and contributing to early retirement (especially for the elderly workforce);
  • Increasing the freedom of movement and the quality of life of the ageing society;
  • Helping paralysed people to walk again.

What’s even more important – wearable technologies can predict widespread diseases, such as Diabetes and Parkinson.

The Uniqueness of StraightWalk

The company acts not only as an accelerator for international start-ups, supporting them from prototyping to commercialisation, but also as an incubator for the industry to step into a new megatrend-driven market.

Such an ecosystem approach significantly decreases the risk for start-ups in the high-risk early stage. StraightWalk’s worldwide network in the industrial, recreational, and healthcare markets allows start-ups and young companies to grow fast and scale in a very competitive global environment.

Values, Biggest Achievements, and Future Aspirations

Sigune Suttner is an open-minded entrepreneur, operating on a global scale. She’s passionate to explore, create, and enable future technologies with high impact and new value creation in society and business.

My key values are openness, integrity, and striving every day for the better,” shares Ms. Suttner. “Our biggest achievement to date is having had the chance to work with the best start-ups in the emerging megatrend market of Wearable Robotics.”

In fact, StraightWalk was the first company to invest in China’s first industrial exoskeleton firm Crimson Dynamics. In 2020, StraightWalk expects to open a new office in Boston and to close the first Human Robotics Fund.

The Connection with InvestHorizon

StraightWalk works with many young and early-stage companies. Thanks to funding instruments like Horizon2020, Europe can keep up with the fierce global competition in China and the USA in the sector of Human Robotics.

“Recently, I became an EU-listed start-up coach. This accelerates our deal flow in Europe to a great extent,” concludes Sigune Suttner.