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European high-tech companies raise just a fraction of the investment amount of their U.S. and Chinese competitors. Fewer companies in Europe also raise follow-on funding, the so-called Series A investment round. InvestHorizon champions 500 selected high-tech entrepreneurs to do much better and to raise an ambitious Series A investment round together with their supporting investors.


Addressing the fundraising pains

Entrepreneurs are heroes, but they do not like coaching nor fundraising. InvestHorizon will make the preparation of fundraising both inspiring and effective. This will happen through peer collaboration between entrepreneurs and their supporting investors in small sector specialised trust groups. The peer collaboration will address the strategic company challenges, those most important for potential investors. The trust groups will then identify and engage new potential value-added investors. Finally, investor and partner introductions, presentations, and meetings will be arranged at appropriate events. The goal is simple: increase the amount of capital raised at a higher valuation while reducing the cost, time, and effort needed to close the round.


Running the extra entrepreneurial miles

William Stevens

William Stevens coordinates InvestHorizon. His passion is to facilitate stronger investor relationships for the selected entrepreneurs. The vision is for selected entrepreneurs to tap into each other’s insights and networks, together with their supporting investors.

The team and William will run the extra mile so that peer collaboration and introductions by trusted contacts can make the difference in the fragmented and risk-averse European market. More European entrepreneurs can become inspiring world leaders if they get the capital and investing partners they deserve.


Access the best investor networks

William is co-founder and managing director of Tech Tour which provides a pan-European community platform, where every year 750 high-tech entrepreneurs are selected by 500 of Europe’s most active investors at one or more of 25 proprietary Tech Tours. The companies who have presented in Tech Tour’s events in the past 7 years have raised more than 8 billion euros.

InvestHorizon is promoted and financed by the European Commission in association with Eureka. It’s delivered by a consortium led by Tech Tour with 6 other partners: BPI France, Meta Group, EurA, BWcon, EBN, and IESE Business School.


Close call for your investment round?

“It ain’t over till it’s over.” This when the shareholder’s agreements are signed. Until then, fund raising is hard and risky. InvestHorizon can help.

The Call is now open for ambitious tech entrepreneurs with a supporting investor, both seeking to raise more capital with the best possible investors. Investors can also nominate companies from their seed capital portfolios to apply. You can check your Eligibility, Application Process and Benefits any time.

The Call is Open until the 30th of September. A maximum of 100 entrepreneurs to be selected in Trust Groups by early October 2019.