NeuroPath – a Digital Platform That Improves the Quality of Life of People Suffering from Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Benoith Tas

Worldwide, 10 million people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

It is the fastest-growing neurodegenerative disease. This number will double by 2040. There’s no cure yet,” shares the staggering statistics Benoit Tas, CEO and founder of NeuroPath.

The lack of touchpoints between the patient, the neurologist, and other care providers can create delays in adapting the individual care path.

This not only has a negative effect on the patient’s quality of life but also unnecessarily increases health costs, thus placing a tremendous burden on patients, their families, and the healthcare system itself.

The Solution – NeuroPath

NeuroPath is creating a digital platform to connect the daily life of the patient with the interdisciplinary team of clinicians and care providers, and ultimately improve the patient’s quality of life.

We use smart, patient-centric, and non-intrusive technologies in motion capturing, patient-reported outcomes, voice analysis, and wearables to collect data and detect specific events and disease progression,” explains Mr. Tas.


Furthermore, with the help of AI, they gather insights about the progression of a disease and detect events, including decreased mobility, lack of adherence, higher anxiety, and depression levels.

NeuroPath’s dashboard notifies patients, clinicians, and caregivers of events or deviation from the base case. This helps them intervene much earlier, thus improving the care path of both patients and caregivers.

We believe this can eventually result in healthcare cost savings of 20 to 40%.”

How Did It All Start?

Benoit Tas and his team began by having discussions with patients and key opinion leaders. Then, they matched the patients’ immediate needs with NeuroPath’s vision and what they believed would be technologically feasible.

NeuroPath team

After that, they ran 3 pilot projects with patients both in a laboratory setting for motion capturing and in a home monitoring project with their MVP.

As a result, they obtained innovation grants, became a member of various innovation centres, and built the first version of the platform to incorporate Patient Reported Outcomes and physical parameters from wearables.

Client Story and Vision

 “I see my neurologist every 6 months for a 30-minute session. Thus, every year, I spend a total of 1 hour being observed in clinic. That leaves 8,765 hours per year when my disease is not being monitored. This is the power of data. Even without being actively supported by health care, patients can do a lot by themselves.” Sara Riggare, IM-patient.

Eventually, my dream is to help realise a Closed Loop Learning Health System for people with Parkinson’s, their families, and society at large, and to contribute to curing neurodegenerative diseases in the long term,” concludes Benoit Tas.

Connection with InvestHorizon

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