Medexprim is providing Real World Imaging Data for BioPharma & AI companies thanks to our Network of Hospital partners

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Romain Cazavan

Medexprim intervene at all stages of data preparation, from the identification of relevant data, to their extraction, anonymization, enrichment, in compliance with the prevailing ethical and legal framework (GDPR compliant in every European Country)

What Problem Does Medexprim Solve?

BioPharma & AI companies need Complex Dataset to accelerate Clinical Research and Develop AI Diagnostic & Prognosis tools. They do not have access to harmonized, multicentric and qualitative Dataset or at a prohibitive cost.

For that reason, the founders of Medexprim created a turn-key solution based on the Medexprim Suite™.

Medexprim is a complete solution based on our software suite, our legal framework in full compliance with HIPAA/RGPD requirements, our network of hospital and solution partners, as well as our internal skills. We have recreated an ecosystem to deliver a unique capacity to data-source a complex dataset for Big Pharma all over Europe,” shares Romain Cazavan, Medexprim’s CEO.

Mr. Cazavan, 48, hold a Master’s degree from ESSEC. He started his career at Générale de Santé, then he joined Siemens France as their CFO.  After 14 years, in 2015, he became a CFO of AGFA Healthcare and spent two years participating in the signature of the renewal of the APHP (Paris Hospitals) contract.

Since 2018, Romain Cazavan has been acting as a Business Angel and a Business Developer for Medexprim. He becomes the CEO in April 2020.


Client Stories and Biggest Achievements

The Imperial College of London uses Medexprim’s tool daily. “It allows their internal research to increase the productivity and reach the next level in terms of quality,” says Mr. Cazavan.

A U.S.-based AI for Radiology company asked Medexprim to data-source their complex Dataset in Europe. “We made it happen thanks to our innovative tools and ever-growing network of partner hospitals.”

Medexprim’s biggest achievement to date is becoming the technical leader for the CHAIMELEON H2020 project (Creation of 4 different Datalakes linked to 4 cancers thanks to 20 European University Hospitals)

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Connection with InvestHorizon

Invest Horizon will let us start the first wave of investments we need to do to rapidly scale up our Order Intake from €0.5 million in 2020 to €5 million in 2022,” concludes Romain Cazavan.