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The production landscape is very untransparent, and the market is extremely fragmented. This makes finding the best supplier for your business not only quite daunting but also extremely inefficient.

After travelling to China to visit dozens of factories, and living there for several months, Aiko Wiegand, together with his partners Martin and Nils, founded Matchory to deal with this issue.

What Problem Does Matchory Solve?

Matchory is the largest global supplier platform.

By using Big Data, we have created 5+ million supplier profiles so far. We are looking for the digital footprint of a supplier and aggregating information that is publicly available. For example, financial data, certifications, website information, and customs data,” shares Aiko Wiegand, CEO and Co-Founder of Matchory.

Customs data is extremely interesting in this context because Matchory can show the clients of the suppliers and make the supply chains transparent. This is what makes the platform unique. On the basis of that information, Matchory’s users can make confident decisions while screening potential manufacturing partners.

Client Stories and Biggest Achievements

Matchory was founded in 2016. Over less than five years, the company has worked with more than 150 companies – from small start-ups to multinational corporations with billions in revenue.

When it comes to supplier sourcing, we noticed that all of them – no matter whether they are a single entrepreneur or working in a professional buying department for the last 20 years – struggle to find leading suppliers within a short amount of time,” explains Mr. Wiegand.

Matchory’s team has found it very inspiring to help young innovators bring their idea to the market and aid them in finding the right production partner. “We have noticed this has a huge impact on their success later on.”

Matchory’s biggest achievement to date has been establishing their sourcing software in global companies as a state-of-the-art technology, facilitating their business and easing their lives. What’s even more interesting, Aiko, Martin, and Nils did it in an industry they knew nothing about just a few years ago.

Connection with InvestHorizon

InvestHorizon is a fantastic network of innovators with inspiring ideas and investors that are looking for great opportunities. Both of these are extremely valuable to start-ups: To brainstorm ideas while having enough money in the bank to make them a reality,” concludes Aiko Wiegand.

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