MAKEiS – Digitising the Entire Construction Process of Thermal Insulation

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Lilly Chureshka

Digitalisation has been permeating into an increasing number of business areas. It’s making people’s lives easier by saving time and increasing productivity. For that reason, more and more companies have been focusing on digitising entire industries. One such company is MAKEiS. Its focus is on thermal insulation.

What Problem Does MAKEiS Solve?

10 years ago, construction businesses were solely relying on EPS and XPS for thermal insulation. MAKEiS’s CEO – Lilly Chureshka – whose family has been trading with machines and materials within polyurethane for 25+ years, realised there’s potential for that material.

From our point of view, thermal insulation with polyurethane foam has enormous potential for shorter payback period and achieving a reduction of CO2 emissions in the long run,” shares Ms. Chureshka.

As a result, polyurethane gained a much larger market share in comparison with EPS and XPS. But that’s not all.

MAKEiS became the first company in the world to optimise and digitise the entire construction process of thermal insulation – from the raw material producer right down to the investor (end-user). The thermal insulation technology is designed to serve businesses in the construction sector worldwide. These include architects, builders, engineers, service providers, and building owners.


All our subscribers receive a number of benefits. The most important ones are: increased productivity, saved time, and more profit,” says Lilly Chureshka.

The company achieves all these thanks to technological innovations in the sector’s physical processes and the cloud platform the company offers to its clients. These characteristics will help people to earn more and eliminate the now-known heavy physical operations.

Clients and Biggest Achievements

Today, MAKEiS works with big clients, including Graco, Kemi, and Henneke. The company has a wealth of knowledge on a technical level when it comes to working with polyurethane.


 “I think we are the only ones so far who have managed to completely digitize a construction process. We made it possible for people, machines, and software technologies to work together,” proudly shares Ms. Chureshka.

And more importantly, they created an extremely gentle technology that can live up to the name "green technology" of the future.

Connection with InvestHorizon
InvestHorizon helped us learn how to present and explain our business clearly to everyone. This was a big problem before that. We expanded our acquaintances with entrepreneurs like us, with whom we have exchanged information and managed to grow for the time spent in the accelerator. The mentors' advice was relevant and useful to structure a comprehensive strategy for the upcoming marketing campaign of our business,” concludes Lilly Chureshka.