Fostering Best Entrepreneurial and Investment Practices Through Online Courses

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Julia Prats

IESE Business School is tackling one big challenge - the fragmented European market and the need for competitive growth of companies at a pace and scale similar to the one in the United States and China. Smarter mechanisms need to be implemented to help scale-ups get to a size that will allow them to compete with the same ambition and level as competitors. This is necessary to have more equilibrated economic development, making Europe more relevant.

How is IESE Business School addressing this challenge?

IESE Business School is leading the development of online courses for the InvestHorizon project to systemise their training on selected topics, specifically on investment. Julia Prats, Director and Professor of Entrepreneurship at IESE Business School, recognises that there is a need for better literacy in investment throughout Europe. There is always room for improvement as it’s necessary to understand all financing possibilities within the ecosystem, the different instruments and how they function, and the structures that push entrepreneurs forward. The courses will provide effective support, insights and tools to help entrepreneurs execute on the actions defined in their InvestHorizon roadmaps, covering a broad range of topics including business models, strategic management, marketing and sales, leadership and team building, co-investment and alternative finance.

What is IESE’s mission?

For the 5th year in a row, IESE’s executive educational programmes are ranked 1st in the world by the Financial Times, providing outstanding impact on participants and clients.  IESE’s mission is to have a positive and lasting impact on all participants that go through the programmes that are offered. The team stands behind 3 values that drive all of IESE’s activities and challenges: professionalism, integrity, and spirit of service. All three values instil teamwork and collaboration, which are critical for a project like this one.
Prats oversees all MBA programmes, which allows her to have an overview of what the students need and are looking for in terms of entrepreneurial activities and courses. With this she better understands the talent market and can push the objectives.

Why is this important?

IESE has become a hub for the entrepreneurial ecosystem and serves every actor in the ecosystem: entrepreneurs, investors, agents, corporations, and institutions. Each element needs to collaborate with one another, help and learn from each other, and network in order to have a successful ecosystem in Europe. IESE acts as a neutral place, allowing all parties to adapt and build something new, to get the bigger story, and to find the connections.