EurA – The Indispensable Partner to Start-ups and Young Companies

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Gabriele Seitz

Start-ups and young companies always face the same challenges – attracting funding and finding business contacts and partners.

The right investments and an appropriate analysis of their target market are of crucial importance for SMEs’ future success.

How Does EurA Help SMEs?

EurA supports SMEs by providing them with economical, technical, environmental, and economic analysis of their idea. It further introduces them to the right contacts who provide the financial means to implement their idea on the market,” shares Gabriele Seitz, co-founder of EurA AG.

The company further puts effort into creating above-average growth potential for start-ups and young companies thanks to regional, Federal, and international technology networks. These include the sectors of energy, photonics, ICT, mobility, environment, space and healthy economy.

EurA AG places special attention on the future by focusing on the project’s environmental impact. “We help them identify saving and optimisation potential and create sustainable and beneficial processes for both the industry and the society as a whole.”

In this way, SMEs not only achieve a profitable business and create new jobs but also significantly reduce the pollution on the environment.




What Personal and Cultural Values Drive EurA?

Gabriele Seitz has been a Member of EurA’s Executive Board in the last 20 years. Through that time, trust, sincerity, performance, and placing the focus on long-term benefits have been the driving principles of her and her company.

During her experience working for big companies, Ms. Seitz realised that small companies need innovation management skills, but mostly do not have these skills inhouse. They need an efficient sparring partner who delivers tailormade support for a smooth development process.

That was one of the prime reasons Gabriele Seitz and her colleague Karl Lingel founded EurA.

Impact of EurA AG and Its Connection to InvestHorizon

EurA invested together with external research centres in a small company, and worked on linear direct drives. This enabled the company to grow quickly. As a result it was sold to a large German group.

Nowadays, the EurA has employees in 10 different locations, handles 1,500+ individual customers, more than 50 networks, and had net revenue of 20 million last year.















EurA’s mission to support inventors and young companies goes in line with the aim of InvestHorizon to raise awareness and coach SMEs, as well as facilitate their access to series A funding. EurA itself is a partner of the consortium that’s behind InvestHorizon.