The Cyprus Institute – Addressing Global Challenges through Science and Innovation

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The Cyprus Institute believes that science and technology are key elements for developing innovation capacities in a society. These, in turn, underpin the creation of a knowledge economy by leveraging new ideas, creating job opportunities, and increasing overall wellbeing.

It is actively engaged in knowledge exploitation initiatives, going beyond research for its own sake and contributing to the solution of real-world problems.

Vision and Goals

To realise its vision, the Institute is developing pioneering research infrastructures and programmes, involving cutting-edge, high-throughput technologies, and providing high-quality graduate education and training in related areas,” shares Fabio Montagnino, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The Cyprus Institute.

The Institute supports the Cyprus government to strengthen the national research community and transform its economy into a knowledge-based one. The final goal is to create a research hub for the Eastern Mediterranean region, boosting trans-national collaboration towards a future of peace, collaboration, and prosperity.

For this purpose, the Institute has launched an Innovation Division. In addition, it has established outreach programmes for education and community relations, focusing on the specific needs of Cyprus and the region.

Personal Values and Leadership

I’m presently guided by the sense of urgency for the planetary crisis and the need for achieving peaceful collaboration and social justice,” says Fabio Montagnino.

He considers business innovation, together with an increasing awareness of challenges and opportunities, to have a fundamental role in triggering the required change by:

  • exploiting new solutions
  • while creating jobs and social wealth

Fabio also believes creativity and humanities should drive the continuous expansion of scientific knowledge towards meaningful and significant products and services.

Nowadays, many stories are emerging from meaningful innovations. They are carried on by impact-oriented entrepreneurs who are addressing global challenges.

In the early years of my career, I was strongly influenced by the initiative of Mohammed Younus, the founder of the microfinance Grameen bank. He represents the prototype of an entrepreneur engaged in solving a complex problem through entrepreneurial innovation,” shares Mr. Montagnino.

Biggest Achievements

Eight innovative business ideas received funding in the first year of activity at The Cyprus Institute, with an exceptional performance within the national programme for incentivising the generation of deep-tech ventures.

Fabio Montagnino led the establishment of a meaningful innovation ecosystem in his previous position in Sicily, developing effective approaches to overcome local resistance to innovation and a weak entrepreneurial spirit.

He also built a vibrant international network, with a focus around sustainable innovation in the Euro-Mediterranean region, where he still maintains his connections in his new position as Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The Cyprus Institute.

In this new affiliation, he established a robust innovation pipeline in just a year, leveraging the excellent research capacity and infrastructure of the Institute.


Connection with InvestHorizon

On one side, I tried to capitalise my multifaceted experience as a coach in InvestHorizon,” says Fabio Montagnino. Scaling up companies should be understood within an ecosystem approach and having in mind their typical dynamics, and his transdisciplinary knowledge and values are helping to address entrepreneurial challenges.

On the other side, InvestHorizon represents an invaluable opportunity for getting in touch with brilliant European start-ups and innovators, as well as with experienced colleagues.

The coaching sessions are authentic moments of conversation and mutual exchange, offering insights that are useful for the entrepreneurs and providing food for thought for all participants. InvestHorizon also gives coaches broad visibility in a high-end pan-European context,” concludes Mr. Montagnino.