coolPen – Safe, Fast, and Painless Removal of Skin Lesions and Tattoos

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Bastian Seidel

When Bastian Seidel first heard about and then saw the coolPen technology in action, he was totally fascinated. What captivated him, in particular, was the potential this unique technology had in the dermatology sector. A sector in which breakthrough innovations haven’t happened in decades.

What Problem Does coolPen Solve? What Makes It a Unique Solution

The safe removal of skin lesions like actinic keratoses (cancerous skin lesions) and tattoos is a general concern of dermatologists around the world.

The methods they use today are not only complicated and lengthy. They are also related to high levels of pain that require local anaesthesia, and there’s a high risk of leaving scars. Add to that the possibility of multiple interventions for some cases, and you’ll see there’s a big issue in the current practices.

coolPen, developed by aesthetiCare, deals with a problem more than 2 million people face in Germany alone. “The safe, painless, fast, and exact removal of skin lesions and tattoos with our coolPen technology is a major breakthrough in dermatology” says Bastian Seidel, CEO of aesthetiCare.


How Did It All Start

Developing a MedTech product needs considerable investment and a lot of lead time. Normally, this is the business of large corporations. Nevertheless, the team behind aesthetiCare and coolPen developed a strategy that would make it possible for a start-up to do the job.

That was thanks to a flexible and agile company structure:

  • where all MedTech specifications and requirements are met;
  • that allows access the best qualified resources at full capacity when needed; and
  • that respects the optimal use of time, money, and resources.

We are in a position to develop and certify a MedTech device at a fraction of the cost a large corporation would need to do it,” proudly shares Mr. Seidel.

Biggest Achievements and Future Aspirations

The start-up managed to raise 400,000 in pre-seed capital. They invested almost all of it in the technology and received a patent for their innovation as a result.

We will revolutionize the way dermatologists choose to treat certain skin lesions and beauty issues because in many ways they won’t need any “workarounds” they are now using to solve their current issues,” claims Mr. Seidel.


Relation with InvestHorizon

InvestHorizon got me in contact with many interesting coaches and entrepreneurs with whom I could share my ideas and receive very valuable feedback and energy to continue our search for investors for our project,” concludes Bastian Seidel.