bwcon Innovation Academy – Enabling Organisations to Develop an Innovation-Friendly Culture Where People and Ideas Grow Together

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Alexandra Rudl

With COVID-19 present in most countries worldwide, times have become more uncertain than ever. To adapt to the new trends and qualms, organisations everywhere are looking for new ways to run their business.

For that to happen, they need to start thinking and acting in a totally different way than they did in the past. That’s where bwcon Innovation Academy comes into play.

What Problems Does bwcon Innovation Academy Solve?

We enable organisations to develop an innovation-friendly culture where people and ideas can grow together,” shares Alexandra Rudl, Head of bwcon Innovation Academy, and a Member of the Managing Boarding of bwcon GmbH.

The Academy provides its customers with a (digital) room where they can experience the effect of new ways of working together, developing products and services, or exploring new markets.

And they do all these with a constant focus on the development of the organisation’s culture towards an innovation-friendly one.

Our customers actually come from all kind of sectors – automotive, health, production, education, craftwork, social organisations,” says Ms. Rudl.

The reason behind this variety lies in the very same challenge all these organisations are facing: the context they’re operating in is constantly changing; what seemed like a given yesterday isn’t any longer today.

Because of this uncertainty, they need new ways to innovate and operate. bwcon Innovation Academy helps them adopt these new ways.

Core Values and Key Achievements

The core values and culture of my leadership are trust and freedom,” proudly shares Alexandra Rudl. She strives to give her colleagues the maximum amount of freedom to work a job they’re really passionate about.

This goes along with trust towards my colleagues. Without trust, freedom is not possible.”

bwcon team

When it comes to achievements, Ms. Rudl is proud of the constant development of the team. In fact, the team’s entire journey is an achievement in itself:

  • They started becoming certified in various innovation methodologies;
  • They got their first university clients, teaching students to act like entrepreneurs;
  • They began selling one-day innovation workshops to clients;
  • They went from one-day workshops to facilitating innovation processes that last for several months;
  • And now, they are about to start supporting their clients in the development of an innovation culture that goes beyond the pure innovation process.

Connection with InvestHorizon

With InvestHorizon, and especially with the 3-days Bootcamp, we support people to improve their value proposition and become better leaders and decision-makers in the business of today and tomorrow,” concludes Ms. Rudl.