Bpifrance’s EuroQuity Powers InvestHorizon’s Online Community

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InvestHorizon partners with Bpifrance’s EuroQuity matchmaking platform to connect online with future partners and investors. Bpifrance is France’s national development bank and innovation agency with over 80,000 company customers in 2018.


What value will EuroQuity deliver?

The goal of Bpifrance is to accelerate the growth of French companies, and in addition with EuroQuity’s partnership with InvestHorizon this can be pursued on an international level. Making the right connections and building a trusted ecosystem for companies and their partners is the value that EuroQuity provides. EuroQuity also provides visibility to InvestHorizon companies through its community and labels on the platform. The more visibility and recognition they gain; the more chances they have to draw the attention of investors.


What is the approach of EuroQuity?

EuroQuity focuses on the improvement of the quality of its service like the profile completeness and the range of services offered to customers. Gilles Le Cocguen is Head of EuroQuity at Bpifrance and executes this vision to keep focus and deliver value for entrepreneurs. Le Cocguen has lived several lives, as entrepreneur, creating several ICT companies including Smartline Systems (in the field of cloud computing), and VocalFruits (which turns XML feeds into voice feeds), and also as strategy consultant in digital innovation.


What values drive EuroQuity?

The leadership approach is results-driven, to make sure that things get done, that initiatives are completed, and that growth is achieved. On a day-to-day basis the team at EuroQuity takes on a lean approach, allowing them to be agile, embrace innovation, expand their skill set and take on a more creative approach to problem solving.

Gilles Le Cocguen

Gilles Le Cocguen, Head of EuroQuity at Bpifrance


What is the biggest achievement of the EuroQuity platform to date?

The EuroQuity track record is unique in Europe, and the ambition is to deliver this to the InvestHorizon programme as a partner:

  • More than 1,800 companies funded, representing €550 million
  • More than 10,000 companies, 1,000+ support structures, and 1,000+investors registered to the platform
  • 20 communities and 120 labels. Strong partners in France, Belgium, Morocco, Germany, Japan, and Turkey; with new projects in progress
  • Support different European project communities including Access4SMEs for Seal of Excellence companies.


Company growth on EuroQuity in the past 2 years