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Nantes, France - Nov. 26th, 2020 - BHealthCare, a medtech company specializing in the development of next-generation robotic solutions for peripheral vascular access, announces a seed funding round of €1.5 million and the recent obtention of other public funds. It comes in addition to the support of several funds and grants since the creation of the company in 2016, for a total amount of €4.3 million. The operation was carried out exclusively with leading biologists and renowned execs from the medtech field.

French co-founders, Aliaume Breteau and Jean-Baptiste de Chaisemartin, confirm: “This is a true recognition for us and our team. We can now accelerate our company’s growth, finalize the development of our HEIVA™ robotic platform, carry out our clinical trials for CE marking and progressively launch the commercialization. Though the market launch will require new funds.”

Breteau and de Chaisemartin add: “This funding round comes in addition to public grants and funds already secured from our historical shareholders. We have already continued to fund the company with new BPI supports since then. Meanwhile, our goal is to get ready to go international. Our first goal is Europe, the United States and the Middle East. This financial operation is a double success for us - through the financial support secured and through the quality of the men and women who made it possible. We have been able to extend the scope of shareholding, including mostly biologists leading local and national structures and renowned biologists who are part of European structures with international branches. These strong supports keep demonstrating our vision’s alignment with the market’s needs.”

BHealthcare’s ambition is to provide the best possible experience of blood sampling operations for both patients and caregivers, with a robotic alternative to the current manual blood drawing. Their goal is to bring an innovative solution, perfectly adapted to healthcare professionals, for a higher efficiency, as well as more comfort and security for their patients.

Breteau and de Chaisemartin add: "It’s unprecedented, our device performs, for the first time ever in the world, a full medical invasive robotic operation in complete autonomy on a conscious patient accompanied by the healthcare professional."
BHealthCare’s solution is based on proprietary patented technologies. These technologies are gathered into the vascular access robotic platform HEIVA™, guaranteeing the quality of the sample as well as the traceability of the procedure.
This unique device covers all the stages of the blood sampling operation in a completely automated and secure medical operation, to guarantee the best care for patients and healthcare professionals.

With its platform HEIVA™, BHealthCare offers a fully automated solution supporting healthcare professionals for better management, as well as improved patients’ comfort and safety. The technology developed by the company strongly improves the quality and efficiency of blood collection for labs, staff and patients.

The robotic platform HEIVA ™ has already gathered strong and positive feedback from biologists involved in the project. The product is indeed perceived as a true all-in-one service for both patients and healthcare workers.

The preanalytical medtech market is a strong growing global market, even more so in the current context of Covid-19, as the need for medical teams’ support is growing stronger. In this environment, and in any similar health context requiring massive patient care and testing, while protecting healthcare staff, such an innovation has never been so relevant.

BHealthCare is supported by BPIFrance’s investment program and French Tech Seed. The company has also benefited, since 2017 and until 2021, from the support of the European Union via the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER). This regional European program funds the company's R&D up to € 1,125 million. The company is also a laureate of the innovation territory honorary loan awarded by the Atlantic Entrepreneur Network. Lastly, since its creation, it has been supported by the Centrale Innovation fund, the Centrale-Audencia-Ensa incubator, and by Atlanpole, the territorial innovation hub of the French western region supported by the French Ministry of Research and belonging to the global worldwide network of hubs of innovation (IASP).

BHealthCare is an innovative French medtech company founded in 2016 by engineers-managers Aliaume Breteau and Jean-Baptiste de Chaisemartin.
Their long-term vision is to establish BHealthCare as the world reference in the peripheral vascular access robotics field with multiple medical and paramedical applications to support healthcare professionals and their patients.
Today, their first goal is to shape the future of blood sampling by combining their main skills, such as medical imaging and robotics accuracy, with the expertise of healthcare staff, for the benefit of patients.


Media & investor contact:
Aliaume Breteau
Co-founder and CEO