Appentra’s Parallelware Analyzer – Improving Lives by Accelerating Science

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Rosa Rogel

The automation of testing is critical in software development to improve quality assurance (QA). Today, however, 80% of testing is manual. What’s more, companies annually spend $32 billion on QA.

If we add to that the fact that due the to the upcoming expansion of parallel computing, most of the software we use and know today, regardless of the sector, will have to be rewritten as parallel code to fully seize the opportunities of higher performance and stay ahead of the competition.

However, nowadays, there is a gap in the market of developer tools for parallel computing, lacking tools to debug and prevent software failure, and fix safety, security, and reliability. This brings a great business opportunity for APPENTRA’S PARALLELWARE ANALYZER,” shares Rosa Rogel, Co-Founder and CFO of APPENTRA.

What Problem Do Appentra and ParallelWare Analyzer Solve?

The boost in AI, IoT, Big Data, the development of multicore hardware, and the democratisation of supercomputing capabilities has turned parallel computing into almost the only option to cope with the increasing demand of intensive computing.


This type of computing is of immense help to:

  • the healthcare sector in handling infectious and top prevalence diseases, such as cancer or, today, COVID-19;
  • the automotive sector for the functioning of the autonomous car.

Viewing this reality so in advance has enabled Appentra to develop significant competitive advantages and position the company on the first line of parallel computing at an international level,” says Ms. Rogel.


PARALLELWARE ANALYZER is a static code analysis tool whose aim is to overcome the great barriers for the widespread adoption of parallel computing by:

  • ensuring the quality of parallel code; and
  • reducing the development time by 70% and programming costs by more than €50k / month.

How Did It All Start and Major Achievements

Appentra Team

Rosa Rogel and Manuel Arenaz, the CEO and Founder of Appentra, started their journey eight years ago.

During this time, we designed and developed the infrastructure of the technology. The launch of our first commercial product took us six years,” explains Ms. Rogel.

The company realised its first sales in the USA, Europe, and Saudi Arabia. Now, the team has focused all their efforts on developing a Beta version of their second product.

All the achievements that the company has achieved are thanks to all the contributions of the entire team,” proudly shares Rosa Rogel.

Relation with InvestHorizon

As with many other start-ups and early-stage companies, the team’s biggest challenges are financing, winning the customer’s trust, hiring talent, building a sales engine, choosing the right partners, and developing the best marketing strategy.

The InvestHorizon team has been instrumental in helping Appentra tackle all these challenges.