4Nature System – Creating Sustainable and Healthy Workspaces by Bringing People Closer to Nature

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The focus on healthy and sustainable living has been on the increase in the last decade. The pandemic further reinforced the need to have a pleasant and positive working environment. In 2020 and 2021, companies started looking for solutions to ‘enliven’ their working spaces in a sustainable way.

4Nature System provides such solutions. It is a Polish prop-tech company that brings living plants into the interiors supported by the Internet of Things (IoT) in the form of vertical gardens and modular furniture with living lush.

What Problems Does 4Nature Solve?

We help companies create smart buildings and offices with healthy and sustainable interiors where people spend 90% of their life,” shares Grzegorz Duszyński, Founder & CEO of 4Nature System.

The team behind 4Nature strongly believes that interior gardens have a positive impact on mental health and well-being, and on the business goals of a company as a result.

The company blends living plants, furniture, and technology. This allows them to introduce a higher volume of living plants and increase air humidity, thus minimising the cost, effort, and time of maintenance of interior greenery. By improving air humidity, this further decreases water and electricity consumption, implementation costs, and maintenance of ventilation systems.

A dedicated application offers cheaper and more efficient maintenance of vegetation for the entire building compared to the common plants. In turn, this has a 5x more intensive impact on humans due to proximity to nature (less than 5ft away) and is 3x cheaper to maintain (30 days service interval).


Entrepreneurial Journey and Future Ambitions

In 2018, we started delivering vertical gardens based on the common solution – non-woven wall achieving commercial success,” says Grzegorz Duszyński.

However, the team’s strong passion for technology and their compassion for the needs of business leaders – such as cost maintenance and space efficiency – inspired them to go forward putting their main focus on R&D.

Together with the design, plant cultivation, and ergonomics specialist, they developed an innovative technology of modules which is the basis of their green products, including the custom vertical gardens and the mobile walls.

Soon we will be also launching on Seedrs – an equity crowdfunding platform, where everyone can join on our mission to make sustainable post-covid office healthier for Employees!


Client Story

When I enter the office, I feel a fresh breeze of air where the plants naturally moisture the air. I see a wonderful vertical wall with living lush that makes me feel like working in the botanic garden. This significant momentum makes me feel happy for the entire day and strongly connected with nature.

I appreciate that 4Nature System put the biophilic design at the heart of the interior workplace design because it has a strong impact on my mental health and well-being. When I enter an open space sitting at my desk, the mobile partition with living vertical plants creates a natural separation between me and my colleagues. This makes us all feel safer, especially given the Covid-19 restrictions.

I believe the office vertical plant system supported by technology, including IoT, is of great value because it makes my daily work easier and the performance of the whole organisation much more effective.”

Biggest Achievements

4Nature System Technology has three big achievements to date. These include:

  1. Creating a team of fantastic people who are truly dedicated to the mission to make the workplace healthier by blending living plants with technology.
  2. The company’s ability to raise funds and spend them wisely on product development – up to date, 4Nature System has raised over 1 million.
  3. Obtaining Intellectual Property (IP) in April 2020 for the blend of automatic irrigation system, biophilic design, and intelligent IoT control panel, open to integrating with Building Management System (BMS).


Making a Difference in the Future

We help go-green leaders make workplaces healthier and more sustainable for employees. We believe to be a part of the green revolution by creating a cost-effective IoT- supported office plants system,” proudly shares Grzegorz Duszyński.

4Nature System’s disruptive solution is inexpensive to maintain and very space efficient. Their subscription model supports a “less waste” philosophy.

Connection with InvestHorizon

InvestHorizon helped 4Nature System to reshape their business model and ‘forced’ them to do more diligent customer discovery. “That not only changed our pitch deck, but we were also able to sign an investment agreement with a top Polish VC fund a month later,” concludes Mr. Duszyński.