Ms. Brigitte Baumann
Founder and CEO

Brigitte is the Founder and CEO of Go Beyond Early Stage Investing. Brigitte is a Business Angel and has received The European Investor of the Year from EBAN in May 2015. She is President Emeritus of EBAN, the European trade association for Business Angels and Seed Funds, and she chairs the Angel Investing group. Brigitte has 20+ years of experience in bringing new technologies to market in the US and Europe. She was the CEO and Director of iWORLD Group, a VC backed global developer of mobile content. She was Senior VP and General Manager Internet at American Express Corporate Services. Prior to that, Brigitte spent three years as President for US and Canada of Gemalto, the world’s leader in smart card technology and applications to introduce smart cards in North America. Before, she spent six years in different Vice-Presidential/General Manager positions in Europe at Amex. She also spent five years with McKinsey & Company Inc. as Senior Engagement Manager.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: ICT / Space & Defense, Aeronautics, Automotive / Energy, Clean Technology, Environment / Financial Tech

business angel / asset class

  Go Beyond Limited
Zurich, Switzerland

Business Angels provide talent, expertise and capital to high growth businesses. Go Beyond enables new Business Angels to get going and seasoned ones to go beyond.

Go Beyond Investing enables novice to experienced early stage investors to build, manage and exit portfolios of investments in innovative, private companies. Go Beyond offers cross border investment opportunities, pooling, training/coaching, due diligence and investment monitoring services. It works with individual investors, family offices, professional groups/associations, corporations and entrepreneurs. It operates in Switzerland, France, the UK , Italy, Belgium, Malta and the US. Its team is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs/general managers who are now business angels.


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Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment
Geographic: switzerland