Mr. Freddy Meurs
Deputy General Manager

Freddy MEURS is Deputy General Manager of MEUSINVEST, a venture capital company with holdings in about 130 companies, ranging from start-ups to enterprises of up to 250 employees. With equity of over 100 millions Euros, the MEUSINVEST Group is active in the Province of Liège. Its main shareholder is the Walloon Region. Freddy MEURS is especially in charge of investments in high tech companies and in spin-offs based on university research. In this respect, he is more particularly CEO of SPINVENTURE, a joint venture between MEUSINVEST and the University of Liège dedicated to seed and early stage financing of spin-offs, and Member of the Board of WSL, the Walloon incubator specialized in the coaching of space-related start-ups. Freddy MEURS is also Member of the board of over fifteen companies at various development stages, in the fields of information processing, electronics and biotechnology.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Space & Defense, Aeronautics, Automotive

  Meusinvest S.A.
Liège, Belgium

Meusinvest offers financing solutions for the creation and growth of businesses

Meusinvest the group contributes to the development and economic redeployment of the Province of Liège ensuring long-term financing of business projects. Our holding has secured more than twenty years a specific place in Liège financial landscape with an intervention technique based mainly on a capital stake. Meusinvest, invest Liege reference currently supports some 200 SMEs and regional projects, representing a total of over 4,000 jobs.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: an investor or lender > venture capital / private equity fund manager
Technology Sectors: space & defense, aeronautics, automotive
Geographic: belgium