Dr. Michael Gebert

Michael Gebert is one of Germany┬┤s leading crowd-sourcing -funding and - innovation experts. His PhD thesis covered specifically crowdsourced innovations and the possible risks involved. He is a frequent international Keynote speaker and panelist. He is head of the board of germany┬┤s crowdsourcing association, founding partner of Crowd Mentor Network and contributing author at Crowdsourcing.org Executive Summary Serial founder and investor including IPO and merger experience Over 24 years sales & results orientated marketing experience ( B2B and B2C ) Over 18 years of senior management background Over 17 years of internet marketing/ SEO / Sales expertise

Sectors of Personal Expertise: ICT / Energy, Clean Technology, Environment / Digital Health / Communications / Internet of Things / Smart Mobility & Logistics

  Crowd Mentor Network
Pullach, Germany

Crowd Mentor Network is a executive gathering of knowledge and expertise to manage crowd based disruption for SMEs and consult political leaders and academics on the outreach of crowd-based transition.

The mission of Crowd Mentor Network is to bring empowered crowdsourced heterogenous groups of people and resilient brands together to collaborate for shared value. We engage exiting crowds to bring internal, corporate agents of change in a setting where they can further learn and engage in order to thrive significant impacts to their current business.

Tags: digital transformation / industry 4.0 / crowd-disruption / co-working / collaborative engagement

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