Ms. Eleonora Ferrero
Operations Manager

I am passionate about entrepreneurial education and community building for founders. Supervisor at Mind the Bridge Foundation for the Startup Europe Partnership project, a European Commission funded program that aims to connect startups to corporates. Experienced strategy, innovation, and change management consultant with five years of international experience in startups, SMEs, multinationals, and international organizations. Qualified business coach, I support organizations to reach their organizational goals and define disruptive business models.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: ICT

  Mind the Bridge
Pavia, Italy

Mind the Bridge is a Foundation that runs programs to support all actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The goal of the Foundation is to foster a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem, spur more innovative ideas, and reinvigorate the new venture economy, providing entrepreneurship education, 360 degrees. The ultimate goal of Mind the Bridge is to help create a new generation of entrepreneurs and success stories. Mind the Bridge is headquartered in San Francisco (CA), where it runs a Startup School Program, bootcamps for Investors and Intra-preneurship programs for executives. Mind the Bridge has also been chosen by the European Commission to drive Startup Europe Partnership (SEP), the pan-European open innovation platform to connect startups to large corporates and investors. The Foundation runs its operations also in Italy, UK (London), Spain (Barcelona) and Belgium (Bruxelles).

Tags: entrepreneurship /  education /  startup /  investment

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