European project manager, coach and mentor under the sme instrument H2020

Over 10 years of expertise in trade, finance, EU funds, european policy and european programmes, in local development, assistance and support to internationalization of SME's, in territorial marketing and international marketing. I am also an business analyst, economics expert -researcher for the Mediterranean and Middle East area, experiences carried out in the office of the Smed - CNR and to the Issm-CNR (Italian National Council for Research). Areas of specialization includes international economics, marketing international, import-exports, policy and trade, analysis, studies and researcher, internationalization and support to the sme's, financial engineering, project manager, business intelligence.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Life Sciences / Agriculture / Food & Beverages / Energy, Clean Technology, Environment / Industrial Products, Materials & nanotech / Other Technology Sector

eu funds /  eu programmes /  local development / eu sbs expert for standardisation of sme management consultancy services / internationalisation of sme

  Confartigianto Avellino
Avellino, Italy

organisation for to assiste and promote the Sme

Assistance to the enterprises for access to EU funds, H2020 Sme instrument, Cosme, participation in European Commission conference, training, European policies, brokerage events, promoting economic cooperation and technological innovation, internationalization of SMEs.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: a public or innovation support agency active in
Technology Sectors: agriculture / food & beverages / life sciences / energy, clean technology, environment
Geographic: europe