Mr. Uli Hab

As a marketing specialist and entrepreneur with about twenty years of experience, ten of which I spent in leadership positions I gained a lot of experience, expecially in business development and marketing strategy. I´ve built my career in a variety of roles and industries. More than twenty times as co-/founder and/or general manager, as well as a member of the team of directors at one of the leading German media groups. As a consultant, coach and early stage investor for SMEs and startups, I love to support innovation and growth and most of all to invest in people. I am appointed business coach by EASME, EU Commissions' Agency for SME's.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Software & IT Services / Communications / Software / IT Services / Internet Applications & Portals / Web & Mobility / Cloud & Big data / New collaboration scenarios / Mobile Applications / Hardware and Peripherals / Energy Efficiency & Transmission / Other Clean Technology, Environment or Energy / Energy-efficiency / Webmedia / Internet of Things / Advertising & Search / E-Commerce / Social Media / Other Webmedia / ICT

business development / entrepreneurship / innovation management / growth strategy / seed investment

Augsburg, Germany

yndeo is in the development of innovative business concepts, products and services. We engage in ICT / IoT / IIoT, energy efficiency, consumer goods and innovative products in general.

yndeo's mission is to develop sustainable and smart products or services, as well as supporting our partners and clients to do so. Our objective is to invest as much as possible in people and projects which work on innovations for a better future. This is how we work: | Contract Work for clients | Consulting & Coaching for SME's | Own inventions and developments | Startup support & Seed Investments | Collaboration & Networking | Shareholding


 Organisation Activities
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Technology Sectors: ict / energy, clean technology, environment