Mrs. Maria Sansigre
Independent expert

Maria Sansigre holds ten years of experience on clean technologies. With specialization on energy technologies, she has worked first, in the technical fields as energy engineer and then in consultancy in diverse areas in the Clean technologies (IBM, IREC-Catalonia Institute for Energy Research-..etc). She has been considered an expert in Green ICT which is the field where ICT, energy and/or water/environment areas of expertise converge, with special focus initially in the Data Centre sector. She has assessed Start ups and spin offs from Europe and Israel on their business plans. After finishing a specialisation programme in Venture Capital at IEB (Madrid), she has also assessed several companies on the funding mix required to end the development of their new technologies. Since december 2015 Maria is Investment Director in Demeter Partners, a leading Cleantech european venture capital firm.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Software & IT Services / Electronics, Hardware & Peripherals / Other ICT / Hardware and Peripherals / Industrial Automation/Robotics / Consumer Electronics / Other Electronics / Environment / Energy Efficiency & Transmission / Eco-Construction / Other Clean Technology, Environment or Energy / Energy-efficiency / Smart Mobility & Logistics / Delta & Water and Environmental Technologies / Water Purification / Other Environment Related / Solar Energy / Wind Energy / Cogeneration / Other alternative energy / Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

clean technologies / ict / green ict / business plans / market analysis

  Independent expert
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Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment