Mr. Marco Messina
Partner and board member of a consulting firm operating in management, financial and R&D advisory.

Strong competence in: - structured and corporate finance services; - Balance and accounting, in particular with respect to budget analysis and budget policy; - Management Control and Cost Accounting systems; - preparing, analyzing and evaluating projects. Several projects and business ideas evaluated with the goal of optimizing them for the submission of RTD projects and to arise financing sources from Venture Capitalist or Business Angels. Since April 2014: shortlisted by the European Commission - Research Executive Agency (REA) – as External Evaluator of (Horizon 2020) SME Instrument Projects and I have evaluated about 200 SME instrument phase 1 and projects. Since June 2015: shortlisted as member of the 60 European experts for the implementation of the Action 9 of the Horizon 2020 'Innovation in SMEs' Work Progr. ‘14-‘15.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Energy, Clean Technology, Environment

innovation management and financing / corporate finance / management consulting / project management / business and financial planning

  Iniziativa S.r.l.
Rome and Naples, Italy

Iniziativa has over 30 years of experience in the financial advisory industry

Iniziativa provides consulting services to create conditions to maximize businesses growth opportunities. In particular, Iniziativa has a rich expertise in: - finance for development and innovation; - business and financial modelling; - business and financial planning; - feasibility study; - local development; - assessment of economic, financial and business impact in reference to investment projects, technological innovation programs and business decisions. In the last years, Iniziativa supported through R&D programmes the financing of about 200 million of euros research and development projects. It has an expert team of cross-cutting experts with expertise in business, project financing, management of national and European funds, R&D projects and a strong track record.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: an advisory or consultancy active in
Technology Sectors: energy, clean technology, environment