Mr. Paolo De Stefanis
Managing Director

After having worked for 8 years in a research center, I started my own company in 2013, with the objective of supporting high-tech start-up reaching the market through their new products. My activity is focussed on scouting the most interesting technologies at European level, assessing their industrial potential, revising and validating the business model with reality check with real customers. After that,we set a realistic development plan together with the start-up, and operate for securing the necessary funding,through either our network of Venture Capitalists or public funds. In doing so,I have scouted more than 500 new technologies, proposing around 100 of them to investors and getting funding (private or public)for around 50 new initiatives.I am currently an Expert Evaluator for the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument(Phase 1 and 2), and Fast Track to Innovation. I am also part of the European Commission's Independent Investment Expert Subgroup Assessing the Investment Potential of SMEs.

Sectors of Personal Expertise: ICT / Space & Defense, Aeronautics, Automotive / Digital Health / Electronics, Hardware & Peripherals / Other ICT / Medtech / Nanotechnology / Sensors & connected devices (tracking & Dx) / Digital therapy and patient engagement (treatment focus) / Health data & analytics (health decision support) / Digitally enabled healthcare delivery, remote & telehealth (connecting patients & healthcare) / Aeronautics/Aircrafts / Space / Nanotechnology / New Materials

medical devices / nanotechnology / sensor networks / smart materials / photonics

  Day One srl
Rome, Italy

Day One teams-up with high-tech start-ups with the aim to hit the market and scale-up through fund raising and business development activities

Day One is a company with the ambition to accelerate the development and market access of innovative ideas, products, processes, and whatever can have an impact on our personal or professional life. We do this working shoulder to shoulder with researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, start-uppers, fully embracing the Open Innovation philosophy. We believe so much in the power of innovation that our doors are open to everybody, who can have access to a full range of services to understand the potential of a new idea, to find the enterprises which can benefit from it, and to find private and public investors ready to financially support the product development.


 Organisation Activities
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Technology Sectors: agriculture / food & beverages / ict / life sciences / energy, clean technology, environment / machinery/electrical equipment / space & defense, aeronautics, automotive / industrial products, materials & nanotech / digital health
Geographic: europe