Dr. Giancarlo La Pietra
Project Manager

After being charged at 27 as the Head Manager of a University Medical Dept with more than 300 people working, he spent more than 14 years always focused to a project-based approach, international skills development aiming to fundraising, management and leading teams. he collaborated with many companies for which he develops projects in education, research and technology transfer By October 2014, he is in charge with developing a strategy to enhance research for the entire university, in particular dealing with -Development of strategies for research results - exploitation and dissemination; - support and development of technology transfer actions, - innovation and entrepreneurial development In addition to Ms in Law, an MBA and several courses in project management in Italy and abroad, he boosts his training internationally attending in Holland, Belgium, Estonia and United Stateswhere he attended visiting research at Harvard University, Cambridge and Yale

Sectors of Personal Expertise: Life Sciences / Digital Health

health / start up company / education / medical training / communication

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Monza, Italy

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Mast&r Educational offers high quality courses and seminars that guarantee the acquisition of new skills that can be used in the work-place straight away , rendering the knowledge gained immediately valuable. We aim to be a reference point for: -Professionals in all medical fields. -Companies that work in the health sector.


 Organisation Activities
Activity: private company (start-up/sme) with an innovative product, technology or service
Technology Sectors: life sciences / digital health